A comprehensive immigration solution is possible and you can make it happen

Many illegal aliens move here, and the stress, strain, and inconveniences of being undocumented are disheartening. We can prevent this unnecessary suffering by ensuring that the incentive for them to move here is taken away.

The millions of illegal aliens living in the US need to be reached out to. We cannot continue to live as if they do not exist. It is in our best interest to ensure that we get them integrated into society so they can contribute and pay their fair share of taxes.

I wrote this book to encourage you to join the conversation about the plight of illegal immigrants and the impact it is having—and will continue to have—on this nation.

Call your congressman or congresswoman and the senators representing your state. Email them. Fax them. Do anything you can to ensure that they take up this issue and resolve it. The cost of not doing anything is great. For the sake of the next generation, let your voice be heard.

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