One Secret that will set you apart at all times!

Take a moment and ponder upon some of the difficulties and challenges you have been through and think about what kept you going in the midst of hardship and calamities. Turn on your

TV and listen to the news and you will

have a good dose of “bad news”.

There seems to be no end to unnecessary killings, wars, and epidemics. Right now you may be in a season of your life where everything is going on well and you are facing no life threatening situation. If that is the case you may have to pass this to somebody who needs it. No matter how much we try to avoid pain, disappointments, and betrayal, things keep going out of control.

Occasionally we have fleeting moments when we think we have had everything figured out and brought things under control, just to see things slip out of our hands, leaving us helpless and out of control. We are constantly looking for a quick fix to ease our pain and take us out of our predicament. The issue of pain, suffering, and death has troubled humans for a long time. Some deal with it by trying to ignore it. Some numb their pain with chemical substances and others give up on life altogether.

Job who lost all his livestock on a single day and his seven children had this to say,

" A person who is born of a woman is short-lived and is full of trouble"

In other words suffering, pain, afflictions are a given to all who are born of woman. This implies there is no exception. Since nobody is left out, it makes sense to figure out how to deal with life’s challenges, difficulties misfortunes, setbacks, etc.

One of the most efficient ways to deal with suffering and pain is to understand the following

1) Life is tough. This is a simple truth that will set you apart at all times and under any circumstance.

As Johnny Cash said, "Life is rough so you gotta be tough"

Life is difficult! That’s it! The sooner you accept this, the better and more equipped you will be to handle whatever is thrown at you. Remember that you started life with a cry and not a smile. Accepting that life is difficult will toughen you psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. This will enable you to face whatever comes your way with courage, resolve, and bravery. Let me know what you think about the suggestion that accepting that life is difficult is a secret that will set you apart at all times.

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