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The end of Racism: #6 You have the final say

The ball is in your court! You have the power to kick it in any direction you choose. This book is about you as an individual, not about the government, institution, or organization. I mentioned that the governments, laws, and organizations are the other players in this issue, but the main thrust of this book has been YOU.

There is no point in chasing the wind because you will never be able to catch it.

I say this to underscore the important fact that you should stop focusing on those that believe to be superior because they are not. Stop believing those who believe that you are inferior and treat you as if you are.

The power is in your hands because when you refuse to believe what other people say about you, it will render it useless.

This book is not only for those that feel that they are inferior; it is for those that believe that they are superior. It may be shocking to hear that you are not superior, but whoever told you that you are superior to others lied to your face. It is time for you to come down from your high horse and face the reality that “All men are created in the image of God.” Therefore, you should stop being part of the problem and start being the solution by treating all people with respect, honor, and dignity. You are not going to lose anything if you treat other people right. When everybody is empowered to reach their full potential, you, too, will benefit.

Stop using skin color to classify and treat people.

There is, has been, and always will be one human race. This may be a hard truth to swallow, but it is the truth that will set both the oppressed and the oppressor free.

Anybody that accepts this truth, believes, and acts on it can boldly and confidently ask, “Racism, where is thy sting?” The good news is that there is no sting because we are all equally created in the image and likeness of God. There are no children of a lesser God! Amen and Amen! #iemappraoch, #ditawa, #Racism, #discrimination, #segregation, #race, #ethnocentrism, #tolerance, #superioritycomplex, #inferioritycomplex, #hatred #whitefrigility, #criticalracetheory, #BLM, #Whitesupramacy

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