Your thinking is the internal dynamo that will make or break you

Most of the times there is this voice inside of you that tries to hold you back from stepping out and doing the things you know are supposed to be done by you if you want to be successful. The voice keeps reminding you of the gazillion things that are against you. It is not strange for you to hear the following:

You are not connected enough,

You are not smart enough,

You are not tall enough,

You are not short enough

You do not have enough capital

Others have tried and failed;

You will fail as well.

When you try to push yourself to act on your conviction and dream the voice gets even louder and stronger.

It screams out at you,

Give up, give up, give up!

There is no point in trying,

It is a waste of time, don’t do anything.

Many people listen to this voice which is a result of external conditioning that has resulted in a faulty believe system about who they are and what they can accomplish. This is a direct byproduct of the type of information they have been consuming. This information includes the type of books read, movies watched, people listened to and they type of company they hang around.

A constant barrage of negative, self-defeating, demeaning information will feed the voice in you that want you to stay at home, blame the whole world for your “misfortunes”; take no responsibility and no action. You will rather complain than do anything.

Now is the time to do something about it and challenge this voice with the right information. First you won your first race in life and will win others. Take for example the odds of you being born in this century in a particular continent and race is about 1 in 400,000,000,000,. Wow! This is mind boggling. Let it soak in!

In order words you are not some cosmic accident. There is a reason for you being here at this time. Therefore get excited about this and follow the advice of Paul, the Apostle, and be transformed by the renewal of your mind. In order words, be selective in the type of information you consume and the type of people you hang around with. If you are constantly consuming negative information and hanging around negative people, you will eventually produce what you consume. Just as Jesus Christ of Nazareth said, “Good people do the good that is in them. But evil people do the evil that is in them. The things people say come from inside them.”

You thinking must align with what your aspirations are. You cannot continue to think about, lack, defeat and hate and expect to be joyful, happy and successful.

Replace your wrong thinking with the right thinking. And you will begin to speak in the right way, for your words will create the reality that you will eventually experience.

You thinking is one of the things that is under your control, so take charge of it and ensure that instead of think of the impossibilities you think of all the possibilities.

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