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Each time the issue of racism is mentioned, tensions immediately run high,

reason is thrown out the window, and emotional outbursts run rampant. Even though a lot of effort has been done to fight it, the devastating consequences continue to this day. 

In this book, Dr. Tangumonkem challenges the status quo and presents a perspective that is both provocative and inspirational. Contrary to what you hear from those stoking the flames of racism and fermenting hate and bigotry, we are not at the mercy of racism. In fact, he dives deep into the history to explain to us why the tendency to be racist is present inch one us, regardless of skin color.


The good news is that the victory has already been won--all we need is to live it out. When we stare right at this supercharged issue with fresh, unfiltered eyes, a seismic shift happens. Perhaps, the light at the the end of rascal is in sight. 

Racism, Where is Your Sting?

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