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Online teaching and learning are here to stay. We are living in an exciting time, with the opportunity to educate the world at our fingertips. This book makes a case for the need to bring inspiration in the online learning environment, and it explores how far this can go to raise a new generation of students who will have a local and global impact. The flexibility, versatility, and dynamic nature of online learning holds the key to arriving at global solutions that have a regional signature.


While students from all over the world are connected to world-class professors from around the globe, they will be able to receive customized solutions to meet the needs of their individual communities. While some countries can afford the rising costs of education, others cannot. Even the countries that can afford to educate their citizens are experiencing ever-increasing expenses; one way to cut those costs without compromising quality is through online delivery. This book explains why and how this is possible and how you, as an online instructor, can play a vital role.

How to Inspire Your Online Students

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