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Do you have a serious fear of missing out (FOMO) when you’re not online? Do you have separation anxiety when you don’t have your phone with you? Do you text while driving? Are your electronic devices on 24/7?If you or someone you know experience these things, read on.


It is true that our phones and electronic devices have become part-and-parcel of our lives. It is connecting us in ways unimaginable. Unfortunately, it is also causing a lot of havoc in our relationships because one cannot have meaningful connections with somebody and be on the phone at the same time. This book was written to help you put your phone and electronic devices in the right place, especially when it comes to your interactions with other people. Your world will not crumble if you go offline at the appropriate times. Whose life and relationships are at stake? Yours. Take charge.

Phones, Electronic Devices, and You: Who Is in Charge?

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