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1000 things that will eradicate racism once and for all

If you are reading this article, you care about the strange times we are living in. Before we get into the 1000 things that must be done, we cannot get to the 999 other things if we don’t get this one thing right.

First, what is racism? How can be talking about racism when there is only one human race?

Some may argue that we already know what racism is because police are killing black men on the streets of the United States. All should condemn the killing of Blackman.

But does this define what racism is? Some have said racism is difficult to define just as pornography is, but when you see it, you know immediately.

We have still not defined what racism is.

When you turn on the news, especially in the United States of America, a day does not go by without you hearing somebody being labeled a racist. The situation has deteriorated since Donald Trump became the president. A day does not go by without somebody calling him a racist. You may be saying that he is a racist and the racist-in chief, as some have decided to label him. But is he?

What about the accusation that all who elected him are racists? Are we saying that racism is no longer about the color of somebody’s skin, but between the Democrats and the Republicans?

It seems racism has morphed into a new monster that has taken over the Republican party. If you are a Republican, no matter who you are, this monster has polluted you, and you are now a racist. Meanwhile, the minority-loving, protective, and caring Democratic Party has somehow cleansed and sanitized itself of this vile monster. Therefore, all who identify with the Democratic Party are not racists, but inclusive, tolerant, accepting, and loving of all people.

Name-calling and demonizing people have not defined what racism it. Where did this word racism come from, and why is it so difficult to define what it is? Let us see how Conde (2017) defines racism:

“Racism is the mistaken and gratuitous belief that the social construct of races the primary factor in determining human characteristics and abilities, and that racial differences produce, again mistakenly and gratuitously, inherent superiority of a particular race.”

Did you catch that? Racism is a social construct. In other words, it is made up! We have been cashing behind the wind and having a hard time defeating racism.

Please don’t get me wrong and assume that I am saying that there is no discrimination, hate, bigotry, indiscriminate killings, and the mistreatment of blacks; as evil as all these acts are racism is not an adequate word that can be used to describe what is going on here.

If we insist on staying in the confines of this bogus social construct and arbitrary, unscientific division of the human race into different races based on different skin colors, there lies the problem.

Since racism is based on the faulty notion that one race is superior to another, you need somebody who believes that they are superior and another person who believes that they are inferior. When these two people interact, the outcome will reflect what they believe about themselves and their circumstances.

This may sound too simplistic, but it is the primary driver of racism. In addition to superiority and inferiority complex, acts of impunity, and unforgiveness are the other drivers of racism.

You have those that believe they are superior, and in their zeal to impose their superiority, they harm those they are trying to keep in their inferior position.

The individuals who are hurt “rightly” want to seek revenge and unfortunately, fall into the unforgiveness pit, where they become trapped by hate and vengeance.

The only way this vicious cycle can be broken is by affirming that there is only one human race, and nobody is inferior or superior to the other. If there are no inferior people superiority complex will die because there is nothing for it to feed on.

If this one thing is not done, the other 999 things don’t matter.

You lose control when you depend or expect other people to change your condition. If somebody gives your rights and freedoms, they can equally take it away. All are created in the image and likeness and of God, and our rights don't come from any human being. Nobody should wait for others to validate them or make them more human.

All of us are already human enough and nothing can be added or subtracted!

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