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How to overcome procrastination

You are busy, and this will be short. Procrastination is saying, "I am going to do it." Unfortunately, you say too many times.

Saying you will do something and never doing it is a waste of time.

To overcome procrastination will require you to keep the promises you make to yourself. You have to count the cost of not doing what you are supposed to do. Even though you think you can afford to procrastinate, it will occur to you. The price is too high, and it will bankrupt you.

It is also important to remember that you don't have time. All you have is now, and if you don't use today, your tomorrow will suffer.

Also, remember that procrastination is not a disease, and there is no silver bullet to cure it.

Each time you are tempted to say, "I will do it tomorrow." Remind yourself that tomorrow may never come.

The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, not tomorrow.

Watch the following video for three tips that will help you overcome procrastination!

Don't procrastinate! Don't wait to be a perfect writer! Could you share your thoughts with us?


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