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30 days of raw food will change your life!

A couple of years ago, I was having lunch with my mentor at work. He noticed that I was drinking water and not eating food. This was unusual because I always ate when we met. He asked me why I was not eating. I told him each January I fast for a couple of days. This involves eating no food and drinking just water. To my amazement, he said, "Isn't this too aggressive?

In other words, why was I subjecting myself to something so difficult and "risky?" Sadly, my mentor dropped dead about a week after that conversation. He had a heart attack!

You may be wondering why I ate raw food for a month and thinking about all the things that could possibly have gone wrong.

Let me start with the bad news:

1) The first couple of days were challenging, but I did not pass out!

2) My hunger pangs lose their grip on me with each passing day.

3) There was no bloating or excessive gas in my stomach.

4) I did not spend all day worrying about not eating cooked food.

5) Less time was spent preparing the salads and fruits that I was eating.

6) I did not suffer from malnutrition.

7) I did not drop dead!

It gets been better:

1) I slept better and felt lighter in my tummy.

2) I had more energy because, throughout the 30 days, I maintained my workout regime of running a minimum of 30 miles a day, doing 300 pushups each day, and doing 100 sit-ups.

3) I had more mental clarity and focus. Somehow eating raw foods cleared my mind and removed clutter.

4) I was more alert during the day. With zero coffee in my system or other caffeinated drinks, I stayed awake and alerted all day and got more job done.

5) Improved functionality in my libido and overall health.

6) My self-esteem and confidence went through the roof with each passing day.

7) Clearer and younger-looking skin.

8) Weight loss. When I started, my weight was 156 pounds, and it dropped to 138 by the last day.

The 30 days ended on January 31st, and I have resumed eating regular foods. The beauty is that everything tastes better, and I am enjoying my food better.

If you have read to this point, you may be wondering why I am sharing this information with you.

Raw food for 30 days will change your life. It will heal you and give you better health. But you have to try it to get the results.

Please don't say it is too drastic! You will be amazed by how you will feel and look by the end of the 30 days.

I have included a resource here to help you on this incredible, life-changing journey. My wife wrote the book and has what you will eat during the 30 days. If you need help, we will hold your hand and walk with you.

If you have eaten raw food for any number of days, please join the conversation and let us know what you take is.


Order your material ready and join our Facebook famous #100 day of clean eating and exercise challenge group starting January 2022. I invite you to join the bandwagon and experience a true fundamental change in your health, wellness and fitness.

Follow the link join our Facebook group and also get a copy of my books on amazon following the links below

This is a life changing transformation for you, your husband/wife and your children.

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Be strong and courageous

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