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Are your feelings keeping you poor, sick, and broke!

How many times have you procrastinated doing something important because you "don't feel like?" It is common to hear marriages end because the husband or wife no longer feels like. Some justify not doing the right thing because they didn't feel like.

The fastest way to ruin your life is to let your feelings lead you.

It is impossible to be successful if your sense of direction is predominately dictated by how your feel. You must understand that your feelings 99% of the time will never tell you to go out and exercise. Your feelings will not tell you to stop ding drugs or enjoying the pleasures of adultery.

When was the last time your feelings told you to delay gratification? When was the last time you felt the need to invest in yourself by reading, attending a seminar ad saving money for investing?

Can you imagine what will happen to a farmer who during the planting seasons refuses to plow the field and sow seeds because they don't feel like? What about a student who refuses to study for an exam because they don't feel like?

To succeed you must stop saying, I don't feel like.

What you need to do is based your actions on timeless principles that have been shown to work over the years and across different continents and peoples.

For example, reaping and sowing. You cannot plant oranges and expect to harvest mangoes. It is impossible to eat junk, don't exercise regularly, and expect to be in optimal health.

If you spend more than you earn you be broke.

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