52 Proven Strategies That Will Position You to Excel as an Immigrant # 12 Expand Your Network

“A king who has people is more important than a king who has money.” ―Bamumbu

Proverb By default, most people will gravitate toward people that look like them, eat, speak, and dress like them. This is because people like what is comfortable, familiar, and predictable.

Unfortunately, this attitude prevents assimilation and impedes how much the immigrant utilizes their skills and thus limits their impact. You did not travel this far to settle down for comfortable, familiar, and predictable.

The desire to grow prompted you to move from your country of birth. Now that you are here, you cannot stop growing and expanding in all aspects of your life.

A crucial and essential aspect of your life that you MUST grow in is your network. The emphasis is being placed on you to expand your network because it is not going to happen if you are not intentional about it.

It is imperative that you give careful thought to this and do all within your power to branch out of “your people” and get to know other people. “Your people” here refers to people from the same country of birth like you and, in some cases, from the same ethnic group. You are going to need a diversified network because your new country is diversified. Order your resources: https://www.iemapproach.com/books

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