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52 Proven Strategies That Will Position You to Excel as an Immigrant #36 Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction “I believe that virtue shows quite as well in rags and patches as she does in purple and fine linen... even if Gargery and Boffin did not speak like gentlemen, they were gentlemen.” ― Charles Dickens If your accent is hampering your communication, then do something about it. It is not a good thing to be inconsiderate of others; therefore, do all within your power to communicate effectively.

Most immigrants speak more than one language, and some speak up to five and above. There is room for interference, and this can be minimized through accent reduction. The purpose of this chapter is not to say that your accent is bad, or there is something wrong with you as an individual because you have an accent. In fact, everybody has an accent, and this accent is manifested when you find yourself speaking beyond the area in which you were born and raised.

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