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All #lives are #valuable; You can say No to #Racism

As the world decries the recent heartless and senseless murder of 17 people in France by people who claimed to be doing it in the name of the Prophet Mohammed, you should not stand on the sidelines. One life that is lost through such senseless brutality is one life too many. Nobody no matter where they live or who they are should be shot in cold blood or blown to pieces by bombs, because they have a different belief system.

According to the following BBC article last Sunday more than 3.7 million people including 40 world leaders took to the streets to show support to the victims of this heinous crimes.

This action is highly commended and this same outrage, mobilization and support is needed to pressurize Boko Haram another group engaged in the brutal and senseless murdering of thousands of Nigerians. The violence is spilling across the boarder into Cameroon and needs to be stopped.

Not too long ago hundreds of school girls were kidnapped by these tugs and are still to be rescued and reunited with their families

There is no easy solution and you can easily feel overwhelmed, but there is one thing you can do.

Add your voice to that of others through your conversations at your dinner table and even postings online. You can also encourage others to spread the word about the sanctity of ALL human life.

Share this and let the conversation continue.

Thank you for doing that.

The IEM APPROACH is a holistic way of life; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.

Are you in?

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