Conventional wisdom does do not work because it perpetuates the problem

It is time to allow unconventional wisdom to do its work. This does not mean that we are going to deny the past or pretend that it was not painful.

But we have to choose the higher ground, and that is the path of forgiveness.

It is imperative to see God working in all this. Yes, we were sold, mistreated, lynched, abused and brutalized, but GOD sent us here to save many.

The devil always means it for evil when he uses people to commit heinous crimes against other people. This includes what happened in the Americas.

While some people tried to use the Bible to cloak this barbaric, despicable and heinous act, it stuck out like a sore thumb.

There is no justification under the sun for what happened.

That said, the way forward is to see the hand of God in all this and begin to make use of what the enemy meant for evil for good.

Do you think Joseph was not homesick, afraid, and feared for his life through all this ordeal? Do you think it was not painful for him to suffer for thirteen years? Why did God allow it to happen? We can ask why all day, but the good news is that Joseph decided to go pass the why and trusted God to make something beautiful out of this big mess.

I say this to declare that conventional wisdom does do not work because it perpetuates the problem. Unconventional wisdom has some wisdom, but it is limited wisdom because it keeps people bound. The African Americans whose ancestors were betrayed by their own brothers on the African continent and sold into slavery, then forcefully brought to the Caribbean and the Americas have every reason to be angry. They should not be faulted for asking for justice, reparations, and even vengeance.

All these reactions are driven by conventional wisdom and rightfully so. When we allow conventional wisdom alone to guide us, we get stuck. While it makes sense to us, it is not the complete picture. This explains why we are still dealing with the issue of racism, hate, and vengeance.

Politicians who want quick votes keep stoking these fires and reopening the wounds over and over in the name of justice and fairness. These politicians and many other people who keep stoking these fires pretend that they care, but they do not. They are more concerned about power, money, and fame for themselves. Lining their pockets is more important to them than a wholistic and permanent solution to this scourge in American history.

The proposal that I am presenting here, which is well articulated in the book “Racism where is your sting: An orthodox solution to the beginning and the end of racism,” is not one that I don’t expect to be popular. The majority is wrong most of the time and my intention is not to appeal to the majority.

I moved to the United States of America more than 8000 miles from my country of birth because I wanted to get a good education. This meant that I had to leave behind my parents, siblings, and many other things that I held dear. Living in the diaspora has its numerous challenges, but I am leveraging my history and all my experiences so far to write and inspire other people to become aware of the greater potential in their own lives and to take action.

More in, Racism, Where Is Your Sting? A provocative look at the beginning and the end of racism


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