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Don’t be afraid, humans are all made in the likeness and image of God

I know my friendship on this platform is diversified. The racially motivated abuses in our society hurts my mind and spirit and I feel in my spirit to ask these questions below.

Why are all the Caucasian males not speaking up?

Why is the body of Jesus Christ (the church) not speaking up?

Why are the megachurch pastors not speaking up as well?

Why do we meet on Sunday morning and pretend to be one, yet are segregated in our hearts?

How come we work together in corporate offices but on Sunday morning we go our different ways?

Why do we not live the life of Christ in our communities that we live in?

Why do we openly or subtly refuse our children from making friends or marrying people that don’t look, speak, or have the same economic status as us?

Why do we have that condescending attitude towards each other?

Are we afraid to lose members and shy from telling people the truth?

Brethren, do we truly understand what Jesus did on the cross?

What does love God and Love your neighbor as yourself mean to you?

The sole purpose Jesus Christ came, suffered, and died a disgraced death on the cross was His love for all people. If you love Jesus Christ and are following Him, you must love people as well. Remember that we are all created in the image of God and the likeness of God as well. Therefore, none is superior to others, and all must be treated with dignity, honor, and respect.

Why do we choose to perpetuate this evil in the heart of our children? Parents it’s time to wake up if you genuinely want this to stop.

I encourage you to start by changing the negative narratives your parents told you about other people groups. It all begins on the family dinner table, in the car, and as you and your children walk around your neighborhood.

Encourage your child/ children to diversify their friends. Don’t be afraid, humans are all made in the likeness and image of God.

Yes, it is okay to tell your children there are bad people out there and that it’s in all humans. You cannot generalize what a few people in a group do and make it to become a representation of the entire group. Tell your children this is as often as possible until they get it.

It breaks my heart fellow brethren in Christ when I think about what some parents teach their children directly and indirectly. The church has to wake-up, the church has to speak up. Yes, they might have spoken, but beloved, it is not enough. They have to speak up louder and frown upon the evil our forefathers did for economic, social, and political gains.

Why has the church taken so long to help put an end to this? Please, brethren, it’s SHAMEFUL for us to wait for our government to tell us what is evil. We know better because the word of God (Bible) tells us what evil is.

Don’t pass the hate, disdain, and fear of other people who don’t look like you to your children.

We now know that racism was a psychological manipulation used to subjugate and enslave others. Let’s not allow our children to breathe, practice, and live this lie.

As humans, our narratives about other people lay a foundation and thus have a firm root in the way we act and treat people.

If you don’t know where to start, I will like to extend an invitation to you. My family will want to have you at our dinner table!

Racism is a learned behavior! As such, our attitude speaks louder than words, and it betrays us more than we may care to think. What you think about other people will come out, especially when you are under pressure. Therefore, make sure that you have trained and conditioned yourself to honor and treat all people with dignity and respect because they are all made by God and in His image and likeness.

Be strong and courageous!

Elizabeth is an author, speaker, and an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist with extensive training in developmental screening assessments. She has an AS in Child Development from Collin College, a BS in Psychology (with a minor in Child Learning and Development), and an MS in Developmental Psychology (with an emphasis in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders) from the University of Texas at Dallas.

As one who was raised by a single mother, the youngest of five, she understands very well the challenges parents face. Watching her mother raise her three brothers and her sister made Elizabeth develop a strong passion for seeing parents develop a secure attachment bond with their child(ren) from the early years of development right into their teenage years. Elizabeth understands that when the attachment is securely established, it will have a positive impact on children in their adult years.

Elizabeth was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa. She is a Naturalized US Citizen and a Texas resident for almost two decades. She is married to Dr. Eric Tayem Tangumonkem, and they are blessed with five God-given children. As a Parenting Consultant, Elizabeth is passionate and loves helping parents in their parenting journey. She’s happy she gets to do the journey with them!

“Each one of us has a story, and the story of our journey started somewhere. Sometimes it is hard to put a finger on all that life circumstances threw at us that has subtly crept into our family life eventually affecting our children and causing the family not to have the optimum peace, joy, and happiness they deserve."

"Because it is my passion to see families thrive, I am happy to work alongside each family and their child(ren) by creating a safe and secure environment for you to have a new and positive outcome for your family and child(ren.)"

For any question call: 214-908-3926, Email:

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