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From Cameroonian to American: Why I Refused to become an illegal immigrant

It is said that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Many people currently living in the United States are quick to condemn the US for being too restrictive with its immigration policies while forgetting that their former home countries have draconian immigration laws in place as well. For example, in most countries being born there does not guarantee citizenship, but a child born in the US is considered a citizen immediately, regardless of the immigration status of the parents. That is why so many people take advantage of the United States and have “anchor babies” here. Only after I moved to the United States and experienced the inconveniences of living in a foreign country without proper documentation did I begin to understand what immigrants were going through in Cameroon, my own country of origin. Children born in Cameroon to parents from other countries are not automatically considered Cameroonian. When these children grow up and apply to attend state universities, their tuition is usually close to twenty times higher than that of Cameroonian students. Order your resources here:

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