How to deal with muscle soreness after you exercise

When you exercise, your muscle will become sore. When your muscles get sore, you will experience a lot of pain. Don’t let this pain stop you.

Unfortunately, some people start thinking of their Uncle Charlie, who did not exercise a day single in his life, yet lived to be 90. Others think of aunty Suzzie, who eat all she wanted, smoked, and never exercised, yet lived to be 95.

After such a comparison, the obvious conclusion is to stop exercising to avoid the pain. What you fail to understand is that you are not uncle Charlie nor aunty Suzzie. They might have “done well” with exercising, but you are living under different circumstances, and the amount of stress in your life right now is nothing compared to what they experienced.

Muscle soreness and discomfort after you start exercising are expected. The only cure is to continue exerting and if the discomfort continues, see your doctor. Don’t let the pain stop you.

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