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How to enhance your marriage Marriage: The surprising benefits of exercising as husband and wife

Have you ever wondered if there were benefits to exercising with your spouse? Have you ever wondered if there were true benefits to exercising? In Enhance Your Marriage: The Surprising Benefits of Exercising as Husband and Wife written by Elizabeth Tayem, M.S. and Eric Tangumonkem, Ph.D., these questions, and more, are answered in a very convincing way. The authors describe marriage as a three-legged stool. According to research, the three legs are money, sex, and communication. While the authors agree with this assessment, they want to add a fourth leg to that stool, giving it more stability, exercise. They do not spend much time discussing the first three legs because they feel those have been covered extensively in other books. However, they do devote a chapter to each one. The focus of this book is exercising with your spouse. Enhance Your Marriage is written in the first person and the authors share dual narrating responsibilities. They start by relating their story as to how they got to the point of exercising together. One of the key points that the authors stress is to find your why for exercising with your spouse. The reason so many couples fail at exercising together is they have not figured out why they should exercise together. Once you have a solid why you then have the reason which leads to the motivation to do it. As the authors state, “If you have no plan, you are already planning to fail.” The authors bluntly explain that your health directly affects your marriage. They make solid points and ask thought-provoking questions like, “Therefore, choose what you are willing to die for: your marriage, or junk food and lack of exercise?” And another, “Are you going to continue the path of poor health, impotence, and erectile dysfunction, or will you get on the path of good health and exercise?” I have never, not once, considered that what I eat or do not eat affects my marriage. I can guarantee my husband has not either. However, the way the authors explain it, you totally appreciate their point and understand that a shift in your perspective is necessary. I have never read another book like this one. I recognize the value in this book and other people will as well. The question remains to be seen if we will take the author’s words to heart and start exercising with our spouse. As an additional bonus, the authors have included a list of resources in the back of their book with references to supplementary reading material on the subjects covered in this book. I think this book has tremendous value in our sedentary culture. While the authors outline benefits to the relationship of the couple if they exercise together, the benefits will go much further than just the couple. The family unit would benefit as well. I think anyone who has ever considered exercising with their spouse should read this book. I also believe anyone who has never considered exercising with their spouse should also read this book. It is a quick read with lots of valuable information. Marriage is like a three-legged stool! Every successful marriage has three legs that it stands on, and it is impossible to build a strong and enduring marriage without communication, money, and sex. Most marriage experts have identified three aspects of marriage that MUST be present and functioning well for any successful marriage. All three aspects feed into each other, and the more you strengthen one, the stronger the other two become, and the deeper the level of commitment and the more enjoyable the marriage will be. We have added a catalyst that will enhance communication, money, and sex in every marriage. In fact, exercise is more than a catalyst; it is the bedrock on which the three legs stand. This book will enhance, energize and synergize revolutionize your marriage beyond your greatest imagination. Enhance your Marriage: The surprising benefits of exercising as husband and w... via @amazon

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