How to increase your faith

"I am generally a person of little faith, and that's the reason I chose to read this book. It details the story of a man of God coming from Cameroon to the states, taking every step armed with full faith in God that He would fulfill his dreams and live out his purpose in life. Living the U.S., we always complain about insignificant things when Dr. Tangumonkem, for some time, had to study without electricity or running water! If someone can, under those conditions, achieve what he achieved, then it helps me believe that, with God's leading, I can do it too. Dr. Tangumonkem's book contained testimony after testimony of God being ever-present here in this day and proof that, with faith in God, miracles can still happen today and God is with us. I finished this book with a renewed faith in God and the trust and belief that he can do what he set out to do in my life, and that walking with Him and being in His will is where I need to be." A.Yang

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