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How to Know When Not to Give Up

There is no single bullet or crystal ball through which you can read what the future holds for you. But it is crucial for you to know when not to give up. The paramount reason for you to remain in the games is that only those who stay in the game have a chance of winning the trophy. Those who quit have zero chance of receiving any reward.

Jesus of Nazareth told a story about three servants who were given money by their master to invest in the market place. After giving the money the master went on a long journey. When the master returned he summoned the three servants and audited their accounting books. Two of the servants had a one hundred percent return on their investments. The third servant had zero return. He had not cared to invest the money at all. He gave up and did not do anything with the capital that was given to him. This servant gave many reasons why he did not invest the money that was given to him, but none of the reasons was good enough. The bottom line is that he did not make a return on the capital given to him as such the master did not reward him. His master was mad at him that he did not put the money in the bank for it to earn some interest, but chose to bury the money in the ground.

You may say this guy was crazy! There are many people who are doing the same thing that this man did. They have given up and have buried their ideas, talents, and capital.

To avoid giving up and losing out completely you have to watch out for the following

  • Complaining: The servant who buried his capital had the least amount of money to start with, and must have complained that his capital was too small since one other servant had five times that amount of money that was given to him. It is OK to complain, but it is not OK to let anything stop you from pursing your dream or accomplishing the task that is ahead of you. The only good thing that can come from complaining is that it keeps you were you are and prevents you from moving ahead.

  • Comparison: There is a negative and positive comparison; we will be looking at a negative comparison. The type of comparison that takes the wind out of you sail and discourages you from doing what you know you are supposed to do. We are talking about the feelings of, others are better than you; that makes you want to give up altogether even before you start. There is no point in trying to be somebody else no matter how good they are. There is only one you and only you can be you. Therefore trying to be somebody else because you think they have already figured it out will discourage you and cause you to give up since you can never be them. The best you can be is an imitation of the person you are comparing yourself to. Do yourself some good by finding who you are, what you were created for, and pursuing it. You do not need to be like the Jones down the street.

  • Competition: Good competition stems from realizing that, you and only you alone will determine how far you will go. When you understand that the competition is not against others but against yourself, you will not give up when others have gone ahead of you. Have you discovered what you were created to do? Do you believe that you have what it takes to do it? Are you doing something about it? Do not let what others have accomplished already prevents you from doing what only you can do. You are unique and only you can do what you were created to do.

The IEM APPROACH is a holistic way of life; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.

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