I love all people, no matter your ethnicity!

I love all people, no matter your ethnicity! That’s why I am married to a man from a different ethnic group because we are created in the image and likeness of God❤️!

We teach our children to treat, respect, and value all people because Jesus died on the cross to save all people, no matter the color of their skin or ethnicity. Humans are God’s heartbeat!

Our backgrounds have created very distorted narratives of how we should view and treat people who don’t look, speak, or live in the same neighborhood as us.

The Bible says, "be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. This call for transformation is not a suggestion but is something crucial for all of us to do.

Therefore, our narratives and belief system have to change when we encounter new situations, circumstances, and people.

One of the ways to change your narrative and belief about an individual or people group is to have them on your dining table and have conversations. Don’t distance yourself and confirm the negative biases and stereotypes that you have about them.

If you are a parent and you genuinely want to see a change, I encourage you to start by changing the negative narratives your parents told you about other people groups. It all begins on the family dinner table, in the car, and as you and your children walk around your neighborhood.

We parents have so much influence on how we create these hate foundations for how our children should treat people who don’t look like them. When you model before your child is what they will grow up to model for their children. Don’t pass the hate, disdain, and fear of other people who don’t look like you to your children. When you and your children are walking in your neighborhood and see somebody of a different ethnicity, don’t express surprise and fear.

As a parent, I want to encourage you to be intentional in helping to break the false narratives that we have about people from other ethnicities. When we parents teach our children how to treat all people with respect, honor, and dignity they will do just that when they become adults. When you fake it, your children will know that you’re not doing what you are telling them to do. Children do what they see and not only what they do. How are you doing when it comes to people from other ethnicities?

Racism is a learned behavior! As such, our attitude speaks louder than words, and it betrays us more than we may care to think. What you think about other people will come out, especially when you are under pressure. Therefore, make sure that you have trained and conditioned yourself to honor and treat all people with dignity and respect because they are all made by God and in His image and likeness.

Be strong and courageous!

Have a blessed day!

Elizabeth Tayem

Elizabeth is an author, speaker, and an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist with extensive training in developmental screening assessments. She has an AS in Child Development from Collin College, a BS in Psychology (with a minor in Child Learning and Development), and an MS in Developmental Psychology (with an emphasis in Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders) from the University of Texas at Dallas.

 Elizabeth was born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa. She is a Naturalized US Citizen and a Texas resident for almost two decades. She is married to Dr. Eric Tayem Tangumonkem, and they are blessed with five God-given children. As a Parenting Consultant, Elizabeth is passionate and loves helping parents in their parenting journey.  She’s happy she gets to do the journey with them!

   “Each one of us has a story, and the story of our journey started somewhere. Sometimes it is hard to put a finger on all that life circumstances threw at us that has subtly crept into our family life eventually affecting our children and causing the family not to have the optimum peace, joy, and happiness they deserve."

   "Because it is my passion to see families thrive, I am happy to work alongside each family and their child(ren) by creating a safe and secure environment for you to have a new and positive outcome for your family and child(ren.)"

For any question call: 214-908-3926, Email: elitayem2104@gmail.com.

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