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Knowing the Truth must be more Than Head Knowledge

Many people including myself have a disdain for the truth because the truth requires us to change. When we come in contact with the truth we have only two choices; do something or nothing at all. There is no neutral position; you MUST make a choice. In other words, truth demands that you make a change. This change is usually to better you. Unfortunately, change is excruciatingly difficult for many. Maintaining the status quo, going with the flow, and not perturbing the system is more convenient and comfortable. It is common to hear some say, “It is better to deal with the” devil” you know than the devil you do not know. In order words change is associated uncertainties and it is riskier. This type of thinking is flawed and it is keeping many people in bondage. The disdain for truth is rooted in the demand for change by the truth. That is why in this day and age, many are trying to do away with the truth under the pretext of everybody have their own truth, all truths are the same and everything goes. Unfortunately, this is flawed thinking as well. There is absolute truth and it has to be found after careful investigation and research. I mentioned in the past that if you are diagnosed with a bacterial infection you will not take an aspirin to treat it. If you do that, it will cost you your life. You will die if you do not change your medication from aspirin to some antibiotics. Some have said, the definition of madness, “Is doing the same thing and expecting to get different results.” Why do you keep doing the same thing and expect to get different results? Why do you keep eating the same junk foods and expect to be healthy? Why do you keep refusing to exercise regularly and expect to be healthy?  Why do you believe the wrong things about who you are and expect to be confident?  Why do you neglect your marriage and expect to have a happy marriage? What other questions can you add to this list?

The answer to any of the questions posed above demands that you make some changes. It demands that you start exercising regularly if you want to be healthy. It demands that you make healthier food choices. It demands that you prioritize your time and invest in your marriage if you want it to work. It demands that you work hard and smart if you want to be productive. It demands that you get rid of envy and jealousy if you want your self-esteem to grow. Truth demands change, but many do not want to change because of the following,

  • Change is difficult: Change is hard! It demands a lot of hard work and many give up before they start. The truth will only set you free when you do the hard work that it demands. It is not easy to get up in the morning and go out for a walk or run. Going to the gym regularly is not easy either. People are busy and it is difficult working out. But to be healthy you MUST work out!

  • Change is uncomfortable. Picture the changes a seed has to go through to become a tree. Truth demands that the seed must come in contact with moisture, sunlight, and nutrients and that the seed must die. The seed has to leave the comfort of the barn for the tree in it to come out. You are hanging around some people that you must move away from if you want to rise up to greatness. This is uncomfortable, but the truth demands you do it. These “friends” have been giving you the wrong advice and it is destroying your marriage. STOP seeing them!

  • Change is unpopular. We live in the days of likes on social media. We all want to fit in; we all want to be liked. We all want many followers. Unfortunately, the truth may demand that we do things that will make us unpopular. Like believing and advocating for the sanctity of ALL human life. Those you hang out with may not like you because you refuse to be like them.

  • Change is risky. Each time you are changing something there is a risk associated with it. What if I invest my time in my company and the company does not threaten me well. What if I invest in my marriage and it fails, like many others around me? You must take the risk before you can reap the benefits. Truth demands that you prioritize your marriage and invest time and effort for it to work.

Truth demands you make some changes. Start making the changes today; that is when the truth will set you free! Thank you for reading. What are some of the reasons you give for not changing? Share with your network if this has been an encouragement to you. Tweet it!

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