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My #Father

My father, my father, my father

You are my hero, my guide and mentor;

My coach, teacher, priest and entertainer

Over the years you have boldly;

Confidently, consistently and tenaciously don different hats,

With dignity, honor, and grandeur,

Without bemoaning you lead by example;

You have persistently walked the talk

No matter how challenging, demanding and taxing My father, my father, my father

You are a prince yet humble, simple and the friend of all

Other princes and princess gloried in their royal prerogatives,

But you respected all no matter their social status

Ever trusting, faithful, loving and hoping,

All were welcomed to visit and dine at your table

My father, my father, my father

You mesmerized us with your jokes’ especially the one about wouba na bana bouw

You made us laugh so hard that our ribs ached

You were there with us during the day and night

You went to the farm, cleared, hoed, and harvested the crops with us;

You toiled with us under the hot merciless tropical sun

You shattered with us under the banana leaves,

When the tropical rain poured down on us you were there

During the darkest of times, your faith in a brighter future prevailed;

Your confession is and has always been, “The future is bright”

I am a believer, indeed the future is bright.

You instructed us in the way of righteousness

Thanks to your example, we too have a relationship with our heavenly father

How can I ever forget the day you resigned from your lucrative job?

Your conviction to do the right thing no matter what,

Your determination to obey the highest authority

The rod was never spared and it has paid off greatly

Thank you for insisting and making provision for my education

Thank you for raising me and instilling in me that it is Ok to be different,

I was not consulted for you to be my father

If I am consulted now, I will make no other choice

I will choose you for you are a good father

And will remain a good father forever

The IEM APPROACH is a holistic way of life; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.

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