Navigating the complexities of US immigration: Why a blanket amnesty is a bad idea

"I met Eric in 2002, a few days after he arrived in the United States to pursue a doctoral degree in geosciences at The University of Texas at Dallas. As an international student from Cameroon with no scholarships and little cash, Eric was confronted directly and immediately with the challenges of being an international student in a foreign country. He had three choices: quit and go back home, break the law, or move forward. From day one, Eric made a conscious decision to stay in school no matter what. Instead of complaining about the unfairness of the system, his financial pressures, and emotional difficulties (separation from his wife and young son), he faced every challenge head on. He made a commitment to become part of the solution—to add value to other people and to ensure that the blessings he received in America were passed on to others." Dr. James Carter Geosciences Professor Emeritus The University of Texas at Dallas Order your resources here:

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