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One secret of happiness

What comes in your mind when you see a picture like this? Do you take a minute to let a picture like this have an impact on you or you just skip it? What are some of the stereotypes such a picture enforces?

Do you have what it takes to see beyond the distractions in this picture?

Being vulnerable is not for the faint-hearted, but you have to learn to be vulnerable if you want your life to inspire, encourage, and bless other people.

The pressure to always appear put together, perfect and lacking nothing is real. This type of pressure prevents many from experiencing true joy, peace, and containment.

What are you hiding? What are you covering up?

While some will focus on the negative stereotypes a picture like this can invoke, you should be courageous enough to draw some inspiration from it. This boy appears to be happy and at peace with himself. The truth is that I am this boy in many ways. When I was his age I was in an environment just like his and ran around without shoes, played in the mud and got really dirty.

Our house was made out of materials just like the one in this picture. The floors were dirt floors. We had no running water, no indoor plumbing, no electricity when I was at the same age as the boy in the picture.

Take a minute and ponder why this boy is happy and having a big smile on his face. How often do you smile? What are the things that make you smile?

What is the source of your happiness? Is your happiness internal or external?

If you need external things to be happy, you are going to be miserable because external things only offer momentary happiness. Yesterday was apple 4 today is apple 8 and two years from today it will be appleXX.

Now is the time to learn how to draw your happiness from within and you can do this be focusing on what you are already having.

I am not talking about the material things that you are having. The focus is on the basic fact that you have been created in the image and likeness of God and your life has meaning and purpose. You are not the result of some cosmic accident. You are here because you are unique and there is an assignment that only you can fulfill. The sooner you find this assignment and fulfill it the happier you are going to be.

Dr. Eric Tangumonkem was born and raised in a Caldera on the Cameroon Volcanic Line in Cameroon. In addition to being a geoscientist with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, he is a teacher and an entrepreneur. Currently, he teaches at Missional University, Embry Riddle, and West Hills College. He is also the President of IEM Approach a premier personal growth and leadership development company based on the infinite wisdom revealed over the ages. On a mission to inspire, equip, and motivate people from all work of life to find their God-given purpose, pursue, and possess it.

If you are interested in his other works they can be accessed here:

The IEM APPROACH is a holistic way of life; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.

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