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President Trump is not to Blame

I read such much hate-filled posts both in print and over the internet. These types of messages blaming President Trump are not limited to the written medium alone. All you need is to tune the radio and turn on the television and you will be bombarded with the accusation of President Trump being the divider and the person stirring up strife and hatred in the United States of America. Is this true?

We as a country have decided to make the president the scapegoat for policies that have been pushed by some for almost three decades now.

 Before I migrated to the United States of America, I had read in books that the strength of America lies in her ability to attract people from all over the world and assimilate them. I understood that American was a giant melting pot and the secret to her might be in her ability to melt all cultures that came into the country.

Unfortunately, some people felt all cultures are relative, no culture is better than another as such all cultures are equal. 

This relativistic thinking gave birth to this current push for diversity and inclusion. A basic question anybody should ask is WHY or WHAT prompts somebody to leave their country of birth and move to the United States of America? If where this person was born delivered what they needed they would have remained there. It is a fact that the stronger solution always draws the weaker one. 

If the United States of America is good enough to attract you, it is incumbent on you to adopt some of her ways. Is this asking for too much?

Why is it a bad thing to ask an immigrant who moves into any country or state to assimilate? Why is assimilation such a bad thing? I don’t get it! Diversity sounds good on paper, but in reality, it is undoing the fabric of the society and it is counterproductive. I write as an immigrant who is now a proud United States of America citizen and in the process of being assimilated into the greatest melting pot ever!

When you cook if your spices and ingredients refuse to assimilate your dish will not be eatable.

The sweet-smelling aroma that emanates from your boil pot is a result of the fusion of the different condiments in that pot.

Why are we surprised at the animosities, hatred, and strife that are prevalent in the country right now? It is a by-product of more than 30 years of diversity and sensitivity training. The way to go is the way of the melting pot!

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