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RAcism is DEAD!

Nobody can say that “Racism caused me to discriminate against some other person, treat then badly, segregate them, enslave, Lynch, and murder them with impunity.” Therefore, we must dig deeper and look for the root cause of all the hate, resentment, and wickedness that people express towards one another.

It is entirely unacceptable and uncivilized to think that the color of somebody’s skin or their economic situation define who they are and determines how they should be viewed and treated.

Racism is not a born trait, and there is no such thing as the racist gene. Racism is a learned behavior that is passed down from generation to generation by parents and society.

We are going to be affirming that there is one human race. In addition to one human family, none is superior to another, and none is inferior as well. We are all created in the image and likeness of God, and the amount of melanin in our skin does not and should never be used to define us. When we gain this understanding, believe and start acting on it, it is only then that we can all ask the question, “Oh, racism, where is your sting? provocative look at the beginning and the end... via


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