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Racism is the boggy man

Nobody can say that “Racism caused me to discriminate against some other person, treat them badly, segregate them, enslave, lynch, and murder them with impunity.” Therefore, we must dig deeper and look for the root cause of all the hate, resentment, and wickedness that people express towards one another.

Therefore, we should resist the temptation of reducing such depths of depravity with racism because racism pales in comparison to what is hidden deep within the heart of man.

All our attempts over the years to address the symptoms of this problem have not taken us far because abolishing racism will never be possible if the root cause is not attacked.

How can anybody in their right minds pin slavery on the skin color? The “blacks” were not enslaved because of their skin color. We must also factor in that other “blacks” in Africa caught and sold their brethren to the Europeans and Arabs. Yes, the Arabs were buying and selling Africans long before the Europeans jumped onto this profitable business that was fueled by greed and despicable evil.

Words are not adequate to describe this dark page in human history. While we may be tempted to place it above all other terrible events, we should not forget that human history is punctuated by such despicable acts that humans carried out against each other.

People may try to justify their mistreatment of other people under racism, but I am saying that racism is a toothless bulldog. It is a bogeyman that is being used to mask the wickedness in the hearts of mankind.

There is no way a baseless, absurd, and unfounded social construct has the power to force people to commit heinous crimes against other people. It is time to stop blaming racism and start accepting that people are capable of doing terrible things to each other.

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