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“Sahara: Piercing the Thatch Ceiling”

chardson, TX, May 26, 2020/ IEM PRESS is pleased to announce the release of a book titled “Sahara: Piercing the Thatch Ceiling


‘Sahara, Piercing the Thatch Ceiling’ narrates the story and journey of Sahara, a composite character through an intersectional gender lens. It is an intercultural, African, intergenerational, migrant, refugee and an Australian story. The characters in this book have to navigate trials and obstacles experienced across the whole spectrum of the African diaspora from skilled migrants to refugees. Yet it is a story of ultimate triumph, thanks to the collective power of this group of women, the strength of their relationships, the will to persist through any hardship, and the determination to succeed. Cultural elements are woven through the stories in a way that gleans understanding while letting the narrative flow. In the human weaknesses and strengths that it reveals, Sahara and her friends and other characters in the book embrace the migrant dream.

The book has been highly recommended as a must-read:

Sahara Piercing the Thatch Ceiling is a beautifully told story flowing with the rhythm and tempo of oral tradition and layered with irresistible melodies of the written form. Signposted with the universal tribulations of emotional growing pains, grief, and separation intertwined with notions of culture and identity melded with gender based and racial tensions, Sahara’s journey is narrated in such a profoundly engaging and captivating manner that it simultaneously celebrates and challenges the strength of the human spirit.

Stani Goma, Pharmacist and a Radio Presenter - Flight 106.7 to Africa. Melbourne, Australia

This book is a must read! I read the book during my visit to Australia on my flight back to Ethiopia! It will help you achieve your goals from an intriguing journey and be a good leader in life.

Dr Asrat is the President of the University of Gondar, Ethiopia

A sensitively written novel about an African Family educated within the cultural traditions of their Village. Moving into a modern world is both difficult and challenging, but over a period of time Sahara achieves this with grit and determination, proving that dreams can come true. An emotional read enlightening one about the difficulties Sahara faced, when, “Piercing the Thatched Roof”.

Jan Cooper, Retired teacher, Melbourne, Australia