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The End of Racism: #3 You are not inferior

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Since we have already established that you are a child of God, it automatically means that you are not inferior.

Do not let what others think about you become your reality. Some may have even said that you are inferior to them and cannot amount to anything. You have to reject such pronouncements and believe who God says you are. To act contrary to this will be detrimental to your well-being, and it will keep you trapped in the grip of racism.

Some may want you to believe that you are the child of a lesser god, you are not because if you believe in God Almighty, you are His child, just as any other person who believes.

Some people think that they are better than others and even act on these thoughts and discriminate against other people. They are living in self-delusion.

There is one race—the human race— and we are all equal, although not the same.

It is unfortunate that physical features such as the pigmentation of one’s skin, the color of their hair, and the shape of their nose are used to define who they are. People who subscribe to this type of thinking do not have their facts straight. They are wrong and will always be wrong. Therefore, do not listen to them!

Racism is driven by fear, ignorance, greed, and selfishness.

There is no scientific evidence for the subdivision of the human race, so all these divisions are social constructs that have no empirical basis. Sadly, many people are allowing the ignorance of other people to influence how they view themselves and what they believe about themselves. Let God be right and let any other person be wrong.

It is written you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you are the apple of God’s eye, and you are created in His image and likeness. If you believe this, then racism will bow at your feet.

It is important for you to note that what you believe about yourself is what people sense when they meet you.

Therefore, instead of trying to change the racist, focus on changing your belief system. For racism to work, it needs two kinds of people: those who, out of ignorance, believe and act as if they are superior and those who believe that they are inferior because they have been told they are.

You may be saying right now that racism goes beyond what happens between two individuals, that it is institutionalized. This is where laws must be passed to counteract institutionalized racism. That is why, in some countries, good laws have been passed to fight racism and discrimination, but the laws alone will not deliver.

The laws are ineffective because racism is a malady of the heart, it needs internal transformation, not external legislation.

The old belief system of superiority must be replaced by the basic fact that there is only one human race, and no one is more human than the other.

The next step of the process is a change in the belief system of the people who have been conditioned to believe that they are inferior.

Inferiority complex is a malady of the heart as well, and laws can only do so much to liberate people from this phantom. Many lives have been destroyed, and so much potential lost because of wrong programming. After the persistent and constant bombardment of derogatory messages and fabricated lies, people internalize these lies and start believing them.

What you believe is what you are eventually going to act on.

The truth is simple: none of us was consulted to be born on a particular continent, and we had nothing to do with the color of our skin, hair, and shape of our nose. Therefore, there is no point in wishing to be somebody else. Your mission in life is tied to the tools and resources you were born with. Now is the time to start appreciating and leveraging those things that are unique and particular about you.

The worst trap is that of having a victim mentality and playing the blame game. “They did this to me. They said this about me. They treated me like this. They think about me like this.” What do YOU believe about yourself? How do YOU treat yourself? What do YOU tell yourself?

There is never any justification for hatred or any other racist tendencies, and these behaviors should and must always be condemned. That said, no matter what somebody says to you or how they act towards you and treat you, it is your reaction that determines the outcome.

You relinquish your power when you allow the victim mentality and blame game to take hold of you.

Focus on developing mental toughness and strengthening your belief system. This approach will deliver you from mental slavery and break the invisible shackles that racism is trying to bind you with.

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