The power of 1$

I will share a story that caught my attention a few days ago and set me thinking. The story was shared with me by a total stranger on LinkedIn. I can only guess that this story was shared with me because they believed I could make a difference in this young girl's life that is in need.

We are bombarded each day by many needs, and times we can become overwhelmed because we feel that there is little or nothing in our power to do anything that will make a difference. The desire to make a meaningful change can become an obstacle to doing anything if it is not well channeled. You don’t need to do a lot for your effort to have a lasting impact. All you need is to contribute your tinny drop; if many of us put in a drop, it will become a mighty river that will move mountains.

Imagine the mountain before this young lady and see the joy that will overshadow her when together we remove this mountain between her and her dream to become an engineer.

You have an opportunity to participate in making a miracle, in answering a pray and making a dream come true.

The need is great, but your one dollar is greater than the need. All I am asking of you is to chip in one dollar; ( if you can do more, that will be highly appreciated. Together let us propel Tracy to her dream.

Here is her story and how you can participate in making her dream become a reality:

There is an African proverb that says, "it takes a village to raise a child." The village participates in raising the child because the success of the child benefits the entire village. We live in a global village, and it is exciting to bring out the best in all of us.

My name is Tracy, and I have worked extremely hard, overcoming obstacles from age two due to circumstances beyond my control. In 2006 on his way to work, my dad was involved in a ghastly motor accident that robbed our family of our bedrock, provided a support system, and the impact on my life has been immeasurable.

However, I am incredibly grateful to God, family, and friends for the progress I have made in my life thus far. Conscious of the family's financial situation, I determined to be the best student in my class every academic year. In 2019, to reduce the financial burden for my widowed mum, I decided to sit in for the GCE O levels exams in form 4 instead of form 5 and passed with 10As and 1B.

In 2020, I was accepted into the Yale Young Global Scholars, Applied Science & Engineering III sessions representing over 145 countries with over 7000 applicants and was blessed with a $6300 full-tuition scholarship. Although the course was dispensed remotely due to covid-19, the two weeks of exposure were immensely rewarding; I learned so much and became even more fired up to become a successful engineer.

Together you can help me become the engineer that will provide solutions that will benefit us all. So far, I have secured admission at Surrey University London, UK, paid the security deposit, secured accommodation, board plus feeding, and what I need now is to make a 27% deposit of my total tuition fee to get started.

The pressure on me right now is that school starts on the 20th of September, and I need to make this payment for my international visa to be processed in time for me to start school. I don't expect anybody to bear the entire cost; however, if 3000 of you chip in £2 each, it will make this miracle happen, and I am counting on you to be one of the 3000 out of the global village of 7.9 billion people, that will help raise me and make my dreams come true.

This cause is very important because a good university education will equip me with the knowledge, experiences, and skills I need to help me break away from the circle of poverty in which a big part of our community finds itself. As a young black girl in a 3rd world country, education is my escape from early marriage and pregnancy, recklessness, prostitution, crime, and much worse.

Kindly share with your contacts, and God bless you all for your donations.

You can donate here:

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