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We Can Defeat Racism

Racism, Where Is Your Sting? begins with a provocative and interesting foundation of racism that can best be referenced by the characterization of humankind from “the beginning” until the present time; see Genesis 1:26.

Followed by rules that must be in place to create a social construct sympathetic to and allowing the propagation of fear in the idea of inferiority and superiority found in racism. “Mass media is guilty of propagating stereotypes that perpetuate racism because of selective programming and partial reporting.” Importantly, it is pointed out that media coverage is a symptom of racism and not the root cause. Furthermore, being a part of the majority does not prevent the malady of the heart; see Matthew 15:16-20. 

Throughout the book, there are biblical examples that speak to the maladies of the heart, which is presented as a root cause of racism discussed from a Christian perspective. Dr. Tangumonkem continues to build his Christian stance by including ways to challenge racism and, ultimately, end racism.

“We are called to be the hands, feet, and eyes of Christ and to carry our cross and follow Jesus Christ daily… the idea of being comfortable permeates our society today and has invaded the church.”

 Racism, Where Is Your Sting? Is a great book for churches to follow in their biblical studies, Christian readers to enlighten themselves in race relations and Christianity, and the average reader interested in looking at race relations from a very interesting point of view. 


Dr. Amanda L. McDonald, DNP, APRN, 


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Racism, Where Is Your Sting?: A provocative look at the beginning and the end... via @amazon

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