Why Today Matters

You must have heard that the final outcome you get is the sum of what you do on a daily basis. In order words it is a summation of your minute by minute activities during the course of each day.

Today matters because where you will be tomorrow depends on what you do today. There is no point expecting a different outcome tomorrow, if your today is not aligned with your expectation for tomorrow. For example the way your threat your customers today will determine if they will come back to you tomorrow or not.

Today matters because yesterday is no longer yours. It is gone and there is nothing you can do about all the missed opportunities. Your only hope is what you decided to do today. The only way yesterday can count is if you avoid the mistakes of yesterday today. If you also repeat the success of yesterday today, tomorrow you will be glad you did.

When you focus on making the most of today, procrastination will no longer be an issue, since you will stop putting off the things you are supposed to be doing today. For example, you will stop putting off going to the gym and start following the recommendations from your doctor to do something about your present health condition.

According to Jesus Christ of Nazareth today is what you should be focusing on, he says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” It implies engaging each day fully with all you have is the best way to deal with the challenges of that day; when you try to add tomorrow you are over stretching the resources of today.

Today is important for tomorrow it will become your yesterday, therefore make the most of today and your yesterday will be great and your tomorrow wonderful. Today is all you got, smile, love and make the most of each moment. I hope this encourages you to make the most of today and make it better for others. http//:erictangumonkem.com Dr. eT

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