Why you must remove all external barrier

Do you want to reach your full potential? Then you must remove the eternal barriers that have been placed before you other people.

If you are alive and working on your dreams, you must have come across some barriers already. Some people talk of the glass ceiling or the thatch ceiling that needs to be broken.

Other people point out racial barriers, socio-economic and political barriers that must be broken for everybody to have access to the “good things” of life.

There is a general impression that the individual is at the mercy of the broader society and other people. If you believe this, then other people and the culture will stop you.

I am not saying that racism in all its different forms should not be identified, confronted, and eradicated. There is no form of maltreatment of other people that is acceptable.

That said, nobody is 100% at the mercy of another person or any system. What happens is that most people count the cost of going against the barriers and find out that it is too much, and they give up. At times they look at those who attempted and failed and decide that it is not worth a try.

The default position of blaming others and feeling that one is a victim is more appealing. After all, it is easier to attract sympathy when you tell people that you are where you are because of what has been done to you.

The shocking truth is that nothing can be done to you without your permission. Have you heard that you can force a horse to the river but will not force it to drink? What happens to you is determined by what you do with what people throw at you.

Take, for example, the brothers of David mocked and ridiculed him when he told them that he was interested in fighting Goliath. He was called a boy and instructed to go tack care of sheep. His brothers reminded him that he was not an experienced soldier and had no business even talking about fighting a giant. Those closest to you will place the most obstacles on our path. You will be told you don’t have what it takes;

You are not smart enough.

You are poor.

You are too short.

You are too tall.

You are too fat.

You are too you or too old.

You are too wealthy.

You are too talkative. 

You are too ugly. 

You are too beautiful. 

You are a loser and a failure.

The list of obstacles that will be placed before you have no end. Will you let what other people think an essay about you stop you? If you do, then you chose to, don't blame other people. You can say No and move on with your dreams. Like David, challenge the giants and get your victory.

Have you identified your external barriers? What are you going to do about it?

I am a holistic kind of guy; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.

Are you in?

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