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Why sex matters in marriage and the role of exercise

The assumption we are making here is that no matter how many books you have read or movies you’ve watched, the information will be useless if your marriage is not functioning properly. It is important to learn about sex and how to perform well sexually, and it is even more beneficial to position yourself to make the most of it.

Sex is one of the crucial pillars of marriage that should not be neglected because the ramifications of neglect can undermine the marriage. Like everything else that is worth having, you will have to work for it. Now is the time to invest what is needed to take your sex life to the next level. How is your sex life? When was the last time you had quality sex with your husband or wife?

The temperature of every marriage can be measured by the quality of the couple’s sex life. This is because sex is more than the physical act of mating.

Quality sex requires emotional, mental, and psychological wellbeing, without which the husband and wife will just be going through the motions. Unfortunately, a dull and unfulfilling sex life creates serious problems in the marriage and has the potential of disintegrating the marriage. Some people solve this problem by having extramarital affairs.

The danger of marital unfaithfulness is its ability to torpedo marriages; even strong marriages are not immune to the destructive impact of adultery.

Therefore, you have to be proactive in improving your sex life before it becomes unsatisfactory. The greatest danger your marriage is facing is that a chronic lack of sex can deal a fatal blow to it.

You may think that sex is no big deal, and a lack of sex in a marriage does not necessarily spell doom for the relationship. Therefore, there is no point in insisting that quality sex is needed in any vibrant and successful marriage. It is even possible to argue that there are successful marriages where no sex occurs, and the couples are happy and doing well.

The question to you is, how are you doing? Is the lack of sex in your marriage making it a better marriage? Have you and your spouse decided that the present status quo is the best for your marriage? Or has one of you chosen out of selfishness to starve the other of their sexual needs? While there are couples who, because of one medical condition or another, may not be able to have sex, we have to stress that this is the exception and not the norm.

The message here is for your marriage, not for the Joneses down the street or some other hypothetical couple. The question for you is, are your sexual needs being met, and are you meeting the sexual needs of your husband or wife? If you answered no to either of these questions, it is a red flag, and now is the time to do something about it. If you insist on ignoring the red flag, it is at your peril, and your marriage may not survive if nothing changes.

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