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Corruption of the senses

The five physical senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch have been given to us to enjoy the physical environment, but they are the pathway to our minds and eventually, our subconscious minds. We are our thoughts because any information that gets into our minds through these senses influences what we believe. What we believe determines our actions, and our actions determine the outcome of our lives. These five senses are neutral, but can be used for wrong purposes as we are going to see.

It is sad that Eve allowed her ears to influence her eyes and her eyes to influence her thoughts and her thoughts to influence her actions. What would have happened if Eve refused to listen to the devil? Her eyes would not have strayed. What would have happened if after she listened to the devil and she refused to let her eyes lead her? She would not have seen the fruit, and without seeing the fruit, she would not have thought about how good the fruit will taste. Without her thinking about how delicious the fruit will be if eaten, she would not have picked it up and eaten it.

When Eve ate the forbidden fruit and gave part of it to Adam to eat, their action was the moment the physical senses became corrupt and have since been subjected to this fallen state. Immediately after Adam eats the fruit, both of them realized that they were naked and became ashamed so they hid. Before their act of disobedience, their eyes did not see any nakedness, even though they were naked, and there was no shame in their hearts. All this changed when they disobeyed God.

God had intended the five senses to be used to enjoy the beauty and abundance in the garden, but Adam and Eve, through their act of disobedience, had corrupted the senses because they allowed their senses to be used to do something that God had strictly forbidden them not to do.

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