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Making the most with what you have

Your gift will make a way for you no matter what your circumstances are or what other people think about you or do to you. Therefore, it is more important to find out what your gift is and start using it, instead of complaining about your circumstances. Joseph had the gift of interpreting dreams, and he used it while in prison.

Remember that he was falsely accused, wrongfully convicted, and imprisoned. He could have allowed anger and bitterness to prevent him from making use of his gift. Instead, he cared about the other prisoners enough to reach out and help them.

Every person has a unique gift that they are born with, and it is your responsibility to discover this gift and use it to render service to other people.

No matter where you are and what you are going through, your gift, when used in the right way, will make a way for you.

Joseph did not wait to be freed from prison to use his gift; in fact, using his gift while in prison became the key that opened the prison doors and set him free.

Do you know what your own gift is? Are you using it, or have you have allowed your past to ruin your present and steal your future?

Now is your opportunity to put things in perspective by engaging your community with your gift. All other yokes and bondages will be broken. You can be free even in prison because freedom transcends the physical barrier. If you refuse to use your gift, you are placing yourself in the worst prison imaginable because nobody can set you free from such a prison except you.

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