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One way to become LUCKY

In 2018 after many years of procrastination and waiting to become lucky in writing, I realized that luck had forgotten the road to my house and was refusing to show up.

I had been waiting and praying for inspiration to knock on my door and help me to write prolifically.

I was disappointed because even inspiration missed my address, it seems luck and inspiration had conspired to cause my downfall by sabotaging my writing career before it even started.

I kept waiting for the feeling to write and the motivation to sit down and write down all the great ideas that were in my mind, but it was not happening. And I started thinking that writing was not for me. All the negative thoughts that you can imagine came flooding in my mind, and the more I focused on the reasons why I did not feel like sitting down to write the less I wrote. In fact, years went by without me writing a single sentence.

What was holding me back, had nothing to do with luck or lack of inspiration for motivation. I had been seeking for inspiration and motivation in the wrong way because I was waiting to feel like before sitting on my behind and writing.

A little change in where inspiration comes from made 2018 the most productive year of my life, I wrote 1000 words a day for the entire year. I did not miss a single day, because it became a habit. The other thing that happened is that each time I sat down to write without knowing what I was going to write about, inspiration was already waiting for me. It did not matter the temperature, month, or what time of day.

If I showed up inspiration was already there accompanied by motivation.

It seems, after all, I did not need luck because forming a habit of writing one thousand words every day took care of everything.

What habits are you forming right now? Without good habits, you will keep lucking for luck and will wait for a long time to no avail. Stop waiting for luck and get lucky by forming the right habits that will deliver what you desire.

Dr. Eric Tangumonkem was born and raised in a Caldera on the Cameroon Volcanic Line in Cameroon. In addition to being a geoscientist with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, he is a teacher and an entrepreneur. Currently, he teaches at Missional University, Embry Riddle, and West Hills College. He is also the President of IEM Approach a premier personal growth and leadership development company based on the infinite wisdom revealed over the ages. On a mission to inspire, equip, and motivate people from all work of life to find their God-given purpose, pursue, and possess it.

If you are interested in his other works they can be accessed here:

The IEM APPROACH is a holistic way of life; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.

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