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Why sex matters in marriage: Causes of low libido

Let us start by defining what we mean by low libido; here, it is going to be loosely and broadly used to describe anything that inhibits or prevents married couples from having satisfying sex frequently. How much sex do you and your spouse have on a weekly basis?

  • Is the subject of sex something that brings strife and resentment in your marriage?

  • Are you constantly tired, and sex is the last thing on your mind by the end of the day?

  • Are you so busy that there is no time to have sex with your husband or wife?

  • Do you have a traumatic event in your past related to a sexual encounter that still haunts you each time you think about sex?

Maybe as a young child, you were told that sex is unnecessary or is something only men enjoy; because of that, you have been dutifully having sex without any enjoyment or satisfaction.

  • Are you one of those men who think that sex is all about the physical act and never pay attention to your wife’s emotional and psychological needs?

  • Do you associate sex with sin and immorality?

The list of questions can go on and on, but we will stop here and look at some of the common causes of low libido among couples. Remember, this book is not a sex manual; it is about the central role healthy eating and exercise can play in your sex life and marriage. You can read all the great sex manuals out there and receive the best instruction on different techniques, but all this information is useless if you can’t implement the great ideas because you aren’t healthy. That is why the first order of duty is to ensure that you are in good health. We are saying this because there is a direct relationship between a sedentary lifestyle and low Let’s dive into some common causes of low libido:

  1. Impotence

  2. Lack of sexual desire

  3. Past traumatic sexual encounter

  4. Tiredness

  5. Lack of time

  6. Sickness

  7. Body and ability changes

  8. Adultery

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