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Your gift will bring you before kings

Do you see a man who excels in his work?

He will stand before kings;

He will not stand before unknown men. Proverbs 22:29

Joseph had a gift to interpret dreams and he used it while in prison. In addition to being a dream interpreter, Joseph was a skilled administrator and manager. We are told that his master's business flourished under him. Even when Joseph was thrown in prison he excelled and was placed in charge of other prisoners.

Please don't get me wrong, there is never any justification for the evil that is perpetuated against people. That said, it is important to understand how to overcome this evil. Joseph as we have already seen did not wait for his "oppressors" to create the ideal conditions for him to do well. Joseph skillfully used his gifts and that made away for him and brought him much needed liberty and freedom.

There is nothing wrong with setting up advocacy groups to fight for the rights of others. The call for social justice and equality sounds great and it is highly necessary, but this alone will not do it.

Government intervention and laws are great, but all laws are limited because a lot depends on the individual and what they do with their gift.

Please do not get me wrong. If all we needed were more and better laws, the issue of segregation and discrimination would have been eradicated a long time ago. Justice and equality would have been achieved, and all of us will be living in peace and harmony. While most countries have good laws and excellent programs, the heart of the issue is the need for a change of heart from all parties involved.

One sure way to get equality is not through mandated government regulations. Individuals must find their gifts and start using them.

We are not a cosmic accident we were created and endowed with unique gifts that are designed to get us to the top. Joseph understood this very well and exemplified it. There was no advocacy group fighting for his release and nobody was calling for social justice, but his gift of interpreting dreams came to his rescue because he used it. I have already stated he could have allowed his circumstances to discourage him, but he chose to use his gift. You, too, must stop complaining and start using your gift.

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