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Happy Independence Day to America

Happy Independence Day to America. July fourth was just a holiday, but now it means much more than that to me.

It is an opportunity to ponder at the sacrifice and bravery of the founding fathers who dared to stand up to the greatest power on earth and declare that God created us with rights and freedoms that should not be usurped by others no matter who they are.

Each generation has the responsibility of fighting and maintaining this freedom, from those within and without who want to place shackles on others.

There are always those masquerading as the SMART ones who will take care of all our needs in exchange for our freedom.

It is time to remind those who want more control that our freedom is not up for sale!

It will be a travesty to exchange the freedom that was bought through blood, toil, and sweat for trinkets (free food, housing, and health care).

The right to self-determination is not from the government and should never be given to any government.

We are all created equal with unalienable rights endowed by God, our creator, and not the government.

Happy Independence, America!

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