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Why you MUST STOP complaining

Do you want to reach your full potential and become all you were created to be? Then you MUST STOP complaining.

What has complaining done for you lately? Let’s be honest how has complaining made things better for you or improved your situation?

There is nothing more useless, helpless, and hopeless than complaining. The more you complain, the weaker, helpless, and helpless your situation gets. Complaining is a waste of time, energy, and resources.

Those who complain spend less time thinking about solutions and a way out because it is challenging to be useful when you are complaining. 

Unfortunately, complaining is attractive because it attracts sympathy and empathy from others. What you need is a solution and away out of your predicament. Don’t settle down for a pity party. 

Complaining is a habit, and it will not just disappear overnight. You must train yourself to stop complaining, and it will take time.

One sure way to stop complaining is by taking personal responsibility for ALL your actions and inactions. In short, you have to accept that you have the final say no matter what happens.

You are not at the mercy of others, your circumstances, or history. Where you are right now is a result of the decisions you have made and the actions taken by you. To say, “I did this or did not do this because of what others did or did not do to me” is not good enough. You must take ownership of every action taken by you.

To be successful and reach your full potential, you must eliminate complaining from your life! Today is the best time to start.

The IEM APPROACH is a holistic way of life; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.

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