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Why you must stop focusing at the past

Do you want to reach your full potential and become all you were created to be? Then you have to stop looking at the past and focus on what lies ahead of you. The past is the past, and there is nothing you can do to change it. You must learn how to leave your past behind you because it is dead weight on you.

While there is nothing you can do to change the past, you can leverage it and propel yourself to the next level by learning from the past. All you have to do is learn from the past and perfect the present.

This has to be quick because the more you spend time, energy, and resources looking at what happened in the past, the more you will remain grounded. There is no point in wishing to change the past or desiring that whatever happened did not. The best and most appropriate response is to learn from the past and incorporate the lessons learned in the present.

True redemption is that of integrating the good, the bad, and the ugly in your life because there is always another side to whatever happened to you in the past. With the right perspective, you will rise to the occasion and make the most with all that you have been through.

There is grave danger in spending too much time looking behind. Any driver that drivers by focusing solely on the rearview mirror will sooner or later get in a crash. The rearview mirrors are small for a reason; they are not the main thing. All you need is to glance at them occasionally.

Don’t get distracted by what has happened to you, or the mistakes and failures you have had. There is more ahead of youth what you have lost. The fact that you are still here is a testament that God is not yet done with you. There is hope, and you can rise to the occasion. Rise, you must!

The IEM APPROACH is a holistic way of life; the physical and spiritual must be in synergy for real, lasting, and sustainable success.

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